Frequency range:
RX: 0.5 ~ 30Mhz, 50 ~ 55Mhz.
TX: 0.5 ~ 30Mhz, 50 ~ 55Mhz.

Mode: SSB / CW / NFM / AM / RTTY (AM receive only).
Receiving sensitivity: better than 0.3uV.
Operating voltage: 9 ~ 20VDC.
Transmitting power: maximum output of 20W, the segment average, power is continuously adjustable.

Receive Current: 0.42A @ Min.
Emission current: 4.5A @ Max.
Hand microphone interface: RJ45 plug.
Weight: about 0.65Kg.
Size: 128mm * 50mm * 180mm.



  • Basic functions:
  • With a pre-amplifier.
  • The built-in voice compression, compression ratio optional.
  • Adjustable crystal filter bandwidth, 500Hz, 1.8K, 2.4K optional.
  • The power supply voltage indication.
  • The transceiver functions with different frequency, A / B can be set independently of the different modes and parameters.
  • 100 channels of memory.
  • S / Power / SWR indicator.
  • The digitized NFM.
  • Selectable fast, medium and slow AGC control.
  • NB function (optional).
  • Built-in temperature sensor.
  • Boot interface can be set to display its own call sign;
  • With ATU interface, can be connected to external ATU;
  • With external PTT, external audio input, audio output interface, to facilitate the expansion of peripherals;
  • Connection with the HRD software, full-function control (fully compatible with the ICOM trabsceivers);
  • With car mount, car installation;

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