The FG085 is a low cost yet versatile function generator capable of producing signals of many common waveforms. As an easy-to-use tool operation of FG085 is very simple and straightforward. It is an ideal test/experiment tool for electronic hobbyists and students.

This is the kit version of FG085. All SMT parts have been pre-soldered on PCB. MCUs on board have been pre-programmed. Through-hold components are to be installed by users. Soldering skill is required to assemble the kit.


  • Generating continuous waveforms of Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp (up and down), and Staircase (up and down)
  • Generating frequency sweeping signals of selected waveforms. Start frequency, stop frequency, and sweep rate can be independently set [ NEW with firmware version 113-08501-120 or later][ Video ]
  • Generating servo test/control signals in micro-second resolution with user programmable pulse width, amplitude, and cycle
  • Setting of frequency (or period), amplitude, and offset is done with digits – quick and straightforward
  • Frequency (period), amplitude, and offset can be incrementally adjusted with rotary encoder
  • Incremental step size can be set to any value by easy “[Digits] + [Units]” style button input, which is very convenient for quickly adjust frequency/cycle arount a certain point or over a range [ NEW with firmware version 113-08501-110 or later]
  • Settings are memorized after power down.
  • Can be used as an adjustable DC voltage source by setting amplitude to 0

Specification (preliminary):

  • Frequency range: 0 – 200KHz (Sine)
  • Frequency resolution: 1Hz
  • Period resolution: 1ms
  • Amplitude range: 0 – 10V peak-to-peak
  • Offset range: -5V – +5V
  • Memory depth: 256 bytes
  • Sample rate: 2.5Msps
  • Output impedance: 50 ohm
  • Power supply voltage: DC 15V
  • Current comsuption: < 150mA (without loading)
  • Dimension: 155 X 55 X 30 mm
  • Net weight: 100 gram
JYETech FG085 demo - Function generator

Documents, firmwares, and tools: