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What is QSOGames?

QSOGames announced the ‘Next Generation in Amateur Radio Contesting’. The idea behind QSOGames is a ‘Cloud’ based Amateur Radio contesting. Forget the days of manually submitting logs, dealing with difficult log formats, or laborious contest scoring. With QSOGames, it make is easy to create/host contests, and even more fun to operate!

Contest administrators will enjoy the fully customizable “Contest Builder”. Specify operating rules, limitations, and exchange requirements. Starting a new QSOGame is only a click away.

Once the QSOGame (contest) begins, registered operators will be able to join a contest, and instantly begin making and logging contacts! QSOGames generates a unique “Log Form” making it FAST and EASY to enter contacts.

Throughout the QSOGame, logs are automatically validated, and score! The QSOGame Scoreboard shows where all contest participants rank at any given time.

mobile users will enjoy the QSOGames mobile site for entering contacts while operating mobile/portable.

Amateur Radio Contesting has NEVER been SO easy…QSOGames begin soon!