With the constant evolving nature of radio over the years, satellite radio has come into existence. In the past, listeners only had the benefit of AM and FM Stations. Now, radio has been taken into space, with broadcasts available from satellites. This technology is a new and innovative option for those who listen to music and broadcasts on their car radios or home stereos. Like any new system, the question for the consumer is what is the benefit you can get from changing over from traditional radios that only offer AM/FM radio stations, to the satellite options? Is it really worth considering? The following are five differences between satellite and AM/FM radio.Quality. Satellite offers a quality of sound that is clearer and will also be louder at the same setting. It will provide you a sound that is definitely superior to what you can find through AM/FM stations. The satellite broadcast, however, is designed to work only in a given location, such as your car or home. It requires special equipment, and that means an additional cost. That is something you have to consider before picking satellite as your choice. You can also elect to have both, depending on your situation, such as having satellite in the home and using AM/FM in the car. Though if you are planning on something to enjoy via a portable radio, then AM/FM will most likely continue to be your best option.

Distance Benefits. With satellite, you don’t need to worry as much about losing your signal. It doesn’t have the limited range you have when listening to an AM or FM radio station. You wouldn’t have to worry about going on a trip and having to constantly search for a new station every time you go into another state. If you do a lot of traveling, you might consider this a priority. On the other hand, if you are just commuting, it might not be as critical an issue. Those are decisions that you can only make based on your own preferences.

Listening Options. Because satellite is still a new technology, your listening options may be more limited than with local stations. They offer great music with excellent sound, and they do have national programming for news and sports. You simply won’t have access to those local AM/FM stations that have programs you also enjoy. It is a trade off that you would have to consider.

Price. Investing in a satellite system is not going to involve costs like going out and buying a stereo system. There might be affordable options, but it still will most likely cost you more than what you currently wish to pay for your listening pleasure. Satellite receivers are not standard option equipment with cars at this point. It means taking them to somewhere that will install what you need. That involves time and expense you may or may not wish to pay.

Ongoing Costs. Unlike AM/FM radio, satellite radio has a monthly fee. This is an expense you have to factor against the benefits you feel you may receive from using satellite.
Satellite is new, and is growing. It is another choice for the consumer over the traditional options. Hopefully, this information will be of some help, in making your choice.