FlexRadio and SkySat are pleased to announce the Tuner Genius XL.
The Tuner Genius XL is designed to complement the FLEX-6000 series and the Power Genius XL, but integrates with all modern transceivers.

The Tuner Genius XL will be available in both SO2R and 1×3 versions. The Tuner is currently in beta testing and is currently being scheduled for both FCC and CE certifications. We expect FCC certification to be achieved in the April timeframe and CE to follow by early summer, allowing for the Tuner to start shipping sometime in late 2Q/early 3Q 2021 for general availability.

Until certifications are achieved, we are unable to sell and therefore unable to share pricing at this time. We will continue to update you on this product as we reach these milestones. In the meantime, starting Saturday, March 13th, you can download the preliminary Tuner Genius XL specification from the FlexRadio website or log in to the FlexRadio Partner Portal to download a copy of the preliminary specification sheet and an overview presentation of the Tuner Genius XL.

If you’d like to be on the waitlist for some of the first shipments, please email me the quantity of units you would like to receive when available, as well as, the version type. Your standard accessory discount applies. There is no obligation to take product if you are on the list. Once we are close to shipping we will reach out to confirm before the orders are placed. Please email me with any other questions on the Tuner Genius XL.

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