DXTO is a new Transverter designed and made in India jointly by VU2XTO and VU2KGB. DXTO, like any other full transverter, eliminates the use of a computer to operate through the QO-100 satellite. DXTO has a double conversion system to the common 28 MHz to facilitate an average Amateur to operate QO-100 without going for expensive multimode VHF/UHF transceivers. You do not have to buy an external GPSDO since the GPSDO is already built inside the DXTO. The whole system operates on a single power supply of 12-13.8 V. Hence this ruggedly-built Transverter can be taken on mobile for quick emergency or contest operations. It has a built-in power amplifier which gives 10+ watts maximum RF CW power output on 2.4 GHz.

The full package comes with the modified LNB and an active GPS Antenna. All that have to be added to the system are a dish, a POTY/Helical Antenna, and cables with connectors. No calibration or software required. If you can hear the station, you can call. A station using a Transverter generally gets the advantage of being right on frequency. DXTO is a made-to-order transverter. At present, DXTO Model M4-EX Transverters are being used by stations such as A71UN, A71AE, A71EM, A41JZ, the Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society (ROARS) in Muscat. HB9IIU (in Switzerland) and F4ANJ (in France) are also using DXTO.

You may contact VU2KGB on E mail ID ” girishbabu@mac.com” for further details.