K3/0 Hamvention talk with Eric.3gp

Interview with Eric WA6HHQ at the Orlando Hamvention by AD4Z(HI3A) and HI3EPR. Questions and answers about remote operation of the K3 using a K3/0 interfaced with Remote rig.

K3/0 Remote Control Head for the K3-Remote / RemoteRig system

The K3/0 appears identical to the K3 in size and function and with an identical front panel, but does not include the internal RF or DSP components. When paired with the RemoteRig unit, it fully reproduces all K3 functions and controls with VoiP audio over the internet via the RemoteRig set. All local K3/0 knob motion (VFOs etc) and button presses are immediately reflected on the remote K3. The local K3/0 display reflects exactly what is displayed on the remote K3. Audio from the remote K3 is reproduced via the K3/0 speaker and the microphone plugs into the front of the K3/0. No Computer is required during normal operation. (A computer is required for initial setup configuration.

Price: $695.95 USD


Requires the RRIGSET RemoteRig 1258MKII set (below) for internet operation without a computer.
Order the RRK0CBL cable set (below) for the local K3/0 to RemoteRig unit connections.
Order RRMTCBL cable set (below) for remotely controlled K3 to remote RemoteRig unit connections.

Both local and remote K3s must be running K3 f/w 4.47 or later for proper K3-Remote operation.

RRIGSET RemoteRig 1258MKII SET Dual rx capable remote control set with 12V pwr supply for the local end.
$499.95 USD

The RemoteRig RRC-1258MkII SET is developed specially for remote control of Amateur Radio stations via the Internet, in a user friendly and cost-effective way.
The RemoteRig units are used in pairs, one is connected to the remote K3 and the other is connected to the local control K3/0 or K3.

The system is unique in that no PC is needed -both voice and data communication are handled by the two RemoteRig units. The RRC-1258MkII-S can be configured to work together with the K3/0 controlling a remote K3, or with a regular K3 controlling the remote K3 over your local network or the internet. For CW, The RemoteRig provides Iambic (A/B) keyer with local sidetone and speed control. It also uses a special internet protocol to eliminate CW jitter from network latencies.


RRK0CBL Cable set for the local K3/0 to RemoteRig unit connections.
$49.95 USD
RRMTCBL Cable set below for remotely controlled K3 to RemoteRig unit connections.
$49.95 USD
RRK3CBL Cable set for the local ‘terminal mode’ K3 to RemoteRig unit connections (For use with a regular K3 as the control unit instead of a K3/0). (Requires K3 f/w 4.47 or later for proper K3-Remote operation.)
$49.95 USD

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