Updated to: Version v6.04b39

  • Requires OS X 10.9+.
  • macOS 10.12 (Sierra) compatible.
  • Added 2D Map VUCC Grid square overlay.
  • Added Bands worked/confirmed to VUCC awards table.
  • Added Grid square to Log panel search fields.
  • Added 4M band to Spots and Bands Panels.
  • Added Continent to Spots Panel.
  • Added State, SOTA and My SOTA to Speed Log.
  • Added Icom IC-736 driver.
  • Added ADIF import Address option.
  • Regard SAT as a separate band in awards panels.
  • Spots Panel double-click lookups changed to non-cached.
  • Light Mode DX Call sign background changed to white.
  • Fixed corrupt QSL image bug.
  • Fixed ADIF import bug.
  • Fixed detached Log unterminated-edit bug.

Download: Download: v6.04b39

Also included (in Version 6.03):

  • Requires OS X 10.9+.
  • This is a free update for all Version 6 customers.
  • Added Dark Mode option to Station Prefs (OS X 10.10+).
  • Compress SQLite db when closing (vacuum).
  • Age off spots even if dxcluster is inactive.
  • Added support for Apple App Transport Security (ATS).
  • Calculate Awards concurrently (3x faster).
  • Added Award Notifications for new worked/confirmed totals.
  • Added FM, USB-D, LSB-D Modes to Icom IC-7300 Driver.
  • Added Flex 6000 series support for multiple slices.
  • Maintain Flex 6000 series connection without GUI client.
  • Added Elecraft KX2 driver.
  • Added New DB Files button to Check for Updates.
  • Use Mode Group added to the Log prefs for Log and Awards.
  • Added bold font to Mode Mapping table for native radio modes.
  • Fixed QRZ XML 403 error in Update Selected Log Entries.
  • Fixed State alarm false state matches.
  • ADIF Import EQSL_QSL_RCVD mapped to QSL_RCVD if blank.Download: Download: v6.03