A panorama adapter for the IC-7300? What’s the point, you might ask, the IC-7300 has such a nice spectrum and waterfall display? Right, but unfortunately the IC-7300 has no output for an external display. The PTRX-7300 provides something even better: an IF output to which you can connect any SDR receiver. So the remote control of the IC-7300 gets a completely new dimension.

The PTRX-7300 extends each IC-7300 by an IF output. This output allows you to connect a second receiver (SDR) parallel to the IC-7300 and display its spectrum on a large PC screen. The advantage: The Icom’s preamplifier and prefilter are used twice, and the transceiver automatically switches between transmit and receive. The RX of the 7300 is not affected because the adaptor uses precise impedance matching of the receive signal. And the best thing is: This pan adapter is very easy to install and, if necessary, just as easy to remove. Nothing is permanently modified on the transceiver, soldering is not necessary. All cables needed for the installation are included, the installation is described in detail and with pictures.

Other solutions to add an RX output to a transceiver simply pick up the signal without worrying about impedance adjustments. Usually a simple power splitter is used. This attenuates the level of the received signal by up to 3 dB. Not so with the PTRX-7300! Due to the careful design of the circuit, the tap of the IF signal is high-impedance and therefore does not load the receiver of the IC-7300 at all, the receive level remains the same. And in the case of transmission, the attenuation is high, typically better than 60 dB. This ensures that the connected SDR receiver cannot receive any transmit RF.

The PTRX-7300 board is professionally manufactured and equipped with high-quality components. A milled aluminium angle is used instead of the tuner socket of the IC-7300, which is routed to the outside with the supplied cables. The additional IF output is mechanically very stable and inconspicuously fixed without having to make any permanent changes to the Icom transceiver. The RF signal is picked up and looped through via an existing plug connector on the circuit board; here, too, nothing has to be soldered. The power supply of the buffer amplifier of the PTRX-7300 is provided by the Tuner connector, which is also looped through. The current consumption is only 30 mA, leaving enough power for the external tuner. The installation only takes a few minutes, and a dismantling without residues is possible at any time without problems.

With the built-in PTRX-7300 pan adapter, any SDR receiver can now be connected to the new IF output, for example the DXpatrol or a Colibri SDR or others. The control software of the SDR is used on a computer, for example HDSDR, SDR-Radio, SDR# or SDR-Uno. Another program – OmniRig – links the SDR software to the CAT control of the IC-7300. This makes it possible for the transceiver to be controlled by the waterfall of the SDR program and always display the correct frequency. All this while the Icom transceiver with all its functions remains the same as before. So you have the best of both worlds – the traditional control via the VFO button on the radio as well as the comfortable operation via the computer.

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