On hamparts.shop page you will find an overview of products with their parameters, comparisons and examples of use. Two people are behind these products: hardware – Jan OK2ZAW/QRO.cz brand and software – Mike DM5XX.

The concept of all controllers is the same. The controller contains simple code with only basic functions and all the rest of the logic and functions are in the web interface, which is stored on our server and is regularly maintained. Adding new functions is thus completely independent of the user. The user does not have to upload any new code to the controller. Just refresh (CTRL+F5, Command+R) the web page. It is also possible to program a custom web interface without having to intervene in the controller code.

Remote control of controllers is possible in three basic ways: the Classic User Interface (UI looks like the RF controller front panel), Beam Map UI (user generated Azimuthal Map with control buttons) and finally other elements like Stream Deck, NodeRed etc

In UIs you can easily change many things like colours, font sizes, button labels etc. You can also group buttons into a switch (one of X).

Types of products:

  • Easy controllers
  • OLI IP 12, OLI IP 16 and REMOTIUS 64
  • Comparison table
  • Output drivers
  • User interfaces
  • Classic UI – Easy controllers
  • Classic UI – K9AY++, 4-WAY beverage system
  • Classic UI – TEMP sensors
  • Beam Map
  • Example of configuration
  • Grouping
  • Load Config – Beam Map
  • Easy Assistant – the Guide
  • Easy Assist
  • PDF manual for UIs

For Details please visi https://hamparts.shop Website