Rhode&Schwarz HF 2 MHz to 30 MHz Transmission and reception of horizontally polarized antenna.

Reception from 2 MHz
Transmission from 5 MHz
Unshortened halfwave elements for high gain despite

extremely small dimensions
Easy and quick assembly
Little maintenance required
Suitable for roof mounting

Brief description

The compact, rotatable R&S®HL451 log-periodic
HF antenna can be used for transmission and reception of horizontally polarized waves.

Due to a transmission frequency range from 5 MHz to 30 MHz, the antenna is particularly suitable for communications over medium and long distances. Reception is possible from 2 MHz and thus covers all distances.

The antenna has been optimized for small size.
Despitethe low limit of its frequency range, the R&S®HL451 is no larger than any comparable antenna covering a range from only 6.2 MHz to 30 MHz.

HL451 Antenna Setup Video