WIBE masts and accessories are in service in the Scandinavian and NATO market, in the U.S.Active, Guard, and Reserve Forces, in the Canadian Forces, and in the security forces in the Middle East and the Far East. Over 15,000 WIBE masts are currently in service with defense forces across the globe, and there are 1,000s of WIBE masts in service with civil and commercial organizations. WIBE is a Swedish based company with dedicated representatives in USA, Great Britain, Israel and India.

Mobile, telescopic masts in aluminum for all weather conditions and up to 30 meters in height…

Photo by WIBE

Leaflets Telescopic Masts

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 Folder Telescopic Masts (1,21 MB)

 Military Masts for mobility (1,21 MB)

 NATO Telescopic Mast (0,62 MB)

 Telescopic Mast – Antenna Directioner (363,56 KB)

 Telescopic Mast – Assist Access. (1,10 MB)

 Telescopic Mast – Mobile Site (0,81 MB)

 Telescopic Mast – electr. TM170 (0,95 MB)

 Telescopic Mast Accesories (1,47 MB)

 Telescopic Mast Heavy Duty (0,56 MB)

 Telescopic Mast Lightweight (6,17 MB)

 Telescopic Mast MecPAM (0,92 MB)

 Telescopic Mast Oversnow (365,08 KB)

 Telescopic Mast System – HCLOS (0,79 MB)

 Telescopic Mast TM100 (1,20 MB)

 Telescopic Mast TM210 (273,78 KB)

 Telescopic Mast portable 25m (0,68 MB)

 Telescopic Mast vehicle integration (1,47 MB)

 Trailer Mast (0,66 MB)

Made in Sweden

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