• Achieve impressive stability for frequency reading.
  • Use the GPS-disciplined oscillator with super-accurate and super-stable characteristics to calibrate your gear.
  • Enjoy experimenting with an Aurdino-compatible GPSDO embedded with open-source firmware.
  • Four outputs allow you to simultaneously as a stable test signal and use the Tokenblauser for the GPS discipline of several devices.
  • Getting the most out of your radio has never been easier.


  • PLL synthesized outputs : 4
  • Output frequency range : 0.16 to 200/350/710 MHz (depending on a PLL type)
  • Frequency setting : With 1 Hz steps (or very fine tuning with 1 ppt steps)
  • Auxiliary output : 10 MHz
  • Frequency stability : 0.001 ppm or better
  • Signal levels : 3.3V CMOS logic
  • Output connector : BNC
  • GNSS antenna type : External, active, 3.3V
  • GNSS constellations : GPS, Galileo
  • Dimensions : 100mm x 100mm x 25mm (PCB), 105mm x 105mm x 35mm (enclosure)
  • Accessories inside the box : 12V power adapter (EU or US), GPS active antenna, USB cable, User’s manual


Price: 640.00 USD