Following Information came from EA7EU.
This Linear Amplifier built by IW2ANU Giordano and orders are expected in 30 days after the E-mail  confirmation:

Picture by EA7EU

Picture by EA7EU

By size (261 x 334 x 153 mm), weight (14kg) and features may be ideal for DXpeditions.


Freq’s: 1.8 ~ 29.7 MHz (incl. WARC)
Automatic Bands  switching
Compatible with transceivers – Yaesu, Kenwood, ICOM (CAT).
Modes: SSB, CW, RTTY
PW Pilot: 10 ~ 95 W (50 W)
(Automatic selection: NO ALC)
Output Power: 600W PEP / 500W CW
Drain voltage: 50 V
Drain Current: 20 A max.
Input Impedance: 50E (Unbalanced)
Output Impedance: 50E (Unbalanced)
Final Transistors: BLF177 x 4 (MOS-FET by PHILIPS)
Circuit: Class AB push-pull
Harmonics: -45 dB (<)
IMD3: -36 dB (typ.)
Output filters: LPF 5th order Car.(160m, 80m, 40m, 30/20m, 17/15m, 12/10m)
Cooling: Forced air (fan)
MPU: Hitachi / Renesas 16bit
DISPLAY: Back-lit LCD FSTN 20×4;

– Band
– Gearbox Automatic band
– Temperature of power stage
– State (Ready, StandBy mode, On Air,
Protect, Warning message
– Security alerts
– Signal input attenuators
– Power Input (Graph / Numeric)
– Power Output (Graph / Numeric)
– Reflected Power (Graph / Numeric)

in standby, Menu:
– Start (StandBy / Ready)
– AutoBand (Auto / CAT)
– Temperature (Celsius / Farenheit)
Over Drive Protection
– Limiting Output Power
– High SWR (SWR> 2.5:1)
– Temperature (Over Temp)
– Faulty Fuses PA
– Possible changes of band incorrect
Connectors Input / Output: UHF SO-239 Teflon
Power supply: AC 230V 6A max.

Possible remote control by RS232 Com Port.

The price is 1800 ?