HandyPSK Features
– Compact & standalone mono-band transceiver for digital mode operation
– 40m and 20m models available.
– Complete transceiver. No external radio equipment required.
– Front end crystal filter architecture. Low noise and high IMD dynamic range.
– Internal DSP emphasizes weak signals and decodes the text. No PC required.
– Rotary dial operation. Copy received words and paste to send templates.
– 128 x 64 dot backlit graphic LCD display.
– Real time spectrum analyzer with 25 x 6 character text display area.
– 100mW RF output. Control signal for external equipment is available.
– Operating modes: BPSK, QPSK, RTTY, CW.
– PS2 External keyboard jack.
– Powered by 5 Volts external battery.(EIAJ 4mm jack)
– Dimensions: 4″ x 3″ x 1″
Schematic (PDF)

HandyPSK Introduction movie

– HandyPSK: Introduction

– HandyPSK: Tuning

– HandyPSK: Chose key words from received text

– HandyPSK: Transmission templates

– HandyPSK: External keyboard operation

– HandyPSK: Configuration