EA3GCY ILER 40 / 4-5W QRP SSB Monoband Transceiver KIT.



Frequency Coverage: VXO tuning 20 a 100KHz segment in 40M band (60-70KHz for better stability). Bandwidth range is selected according L6 value in the VXO circuit.
Frequency Control: high stability VXO oscillator.
Option A: two 12.031MHz. crystals (upper limit aprox. 7.105MHz)
Opción B: one 12.098MHz. crystal (upper limit aprox. 7.185MHz)
Variable capacitor tuning (polyvaricon).
Antenna: 50 ohms.
Power: 12-14VDC, 35mA receive (no signal), 100mA máx. receive. 900mA on transmit.
Parts: 51 resistors, 77 capacitors, 3 adjust resistors, 1 trimmer capacitor, 1 potenciometer (volume), 9 IC’s, 8 transistors, 12 inductors, 6 RF transformers, 1 variable capacitor tuning, 7 crystals.
Controls: tuning, volume, RX switch attenuator
Connectors: micro/ptt, phone jack, antenna, DC in.
Board size: 100×120 mm.


RF Output: 4 – 5W (12-14V)
2º harmonic output: -45dB.
Other spurios signals: -50dB or better.
Carrier suppressión: better than -35dB
T/R Switching: PTT Relay.
Mike preamp & passband.
Mike type: dynamic, 600 ohms (no included).


Type: single conversion Superheterodyne. Balanced Mixer.
Sensitivity: 0.200uV mínimum discernible signal.
Selectivity: 4 pole crystals ladder filter (2,2KHz nominal bandwidth).
FI Frequency: 4.915MHz.
SSB Audio Preamp and audio CAG (ILER-CAG module included).
Audio output: 250mW @ 8ohms.


Price: SSB QRP Transceiver Kit (AGC mini-module included) 77,50€