MX-P50A hf power amplifier for QRP transceivers. Can be used both as a base and mobile unit, Extremely Small Compact and light weight, Full integration with the FT-817 using the supplied interface cable.
The amplifier incorporates various protection circuits such as high VOLTAGE,front mounted LED display.

This amplifier can be successfully used with other QRP rigs such as the ICOM IC-703(and Elecraft KX3), though automatic band switching will not be available and the band must be manually selected via the front band select switch.


Frequency (Band) Range : 80m 40m 20m-17m 15m-10m
Operating Modes : SSB CW AM RTTY and FM-Reduced duty cycle
Rf input : 5W
Out power : 50/60W
Band mode : AUTO/Manual
Power requirement : 13.8V 8A,(Cable Color Polarity Ж RED “+” BLACK “-“)
Cooling method:passive air cooling
Antenna connector : SO-239 50?
Size : 15/13/5 (cm) D/W/H
Weight : 1.2KG

Package list:

1x MX-P50A
1x Power cord
1x for FT-817ND ACC control cable

Price: $280 USD