General Features:

  • Output Power 1.8 – 30 MHz   2K+, 6m 1K+
  • Device: 2x BLF189XR
  • Auto Band Selection
  • ICOM®; YAESU® Band data Interface
  • CAT Connectivity
  • LAN Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Quiet Internal PSU 110-260V AC / 3KW
  • up to 1K at 110V AC; full power at 230V AC
  • internal Automatic Antenna Tuner (optional)
  • 1x TRX and 4x Antenna
  • Precise power meter from 100 mW through 3 KW
  • 7 inch Touchscreen
  • Software Update through Internet
  • Remote Internet operation via PC; Tablet or cell phone supporting all platforms like Apple IOS, Android, Linux and Windows
  • Different user selectable display

B26-RF 2K+ KIT 2018

Since the demand for assemblies has increased, it is unfortunately no longer possible to package and send all the individual parts. To make it easier for everyone, there will be only the B26-RF 2K+ Kit.

What is the difference to the parts already delivered and the PA KIT?

The PA kit is mechanically already fully assembled (ie all mechanical work such as drilling and thread cutting are professionally already done). The PA kit is already pre-wired, almost all components are mounted and must only completed by the HF cabling.

The PA kit will be available in 1 versions

  • with Automatic Antenna Tuner

We sell only kit’s – no parts !

If you need help to finish your kit – there some Ham’s they can do it for you. On request we forward the contact address to you and you can arrange direct with this guys.


  • Mechanically constructed in the tried and tested housing (all holes, recesses and ventilation slots have been created with laser tools)
  • 3KW power supply (manufactured for the IT industry)
  • Power supply +5, +/-12V installed
  • Relay board for 1 TRX IN and 4 Antennas OUT
  • Very accurate power measurement by newly developed own measuring coupler
  • RF2K5 PA module with 2x BLF189XR completely assembled and bias already matched!
    (Built up on copper plate and a heat sink calculated for this PA thermally connected and screwed)
  • B26 RF01 Controller (monitors all functions and sequences in conjunction with its Arduino and the Raspberry PI)
  • Software on Micro SD card for Raspberry 3 / 3+  is included
  • 7 “touch panel already installed in the front panel
  • Intermediate plates for recording LPF and tuner installed
  • Necessary HF coax cable to complete the PA
  • Documentation (instructions, pictures, notes) is provided in io B26-PA
  • Software updates are available at (online via Update Menu in PA)


  • Raspberry PI 3 / 3+ ®, as it is everywhere to buy and it does not make sense to push it through
  • 3 Fans since these can be adapted to the operating conditions

Who need a lot of maximum performance at eg. RTTY needs strong fans, which have then also more noise level, incorporate. Who need a lot of maximum performance at eg. RTTY needs strong fans, which have then also more noise level, incorporate. If you have normal QSO operation, you can install silent fans with a very pleasant noise level.

It requires 2 x 120x120x25mm fans and 1x 80x80x25mm fan (all 12V, 3-Pin).

The mounting points for the fans are easily accessible and the installation is therefore quite simple.
With the new kit, the logistics will be simplified and completion will be possible within a day, depending on the skill. Start early and be in the evening with the B26-RF 2K+ QRV.


  • install Raspberry PI 3
  • Obtain and install the fan
  • RF cabling (Relay panel IN → PA module → LPF → (tuner) → Relay panel OUT)
  • Calibration

It is still enough to provide enough power to understand the PA. Who knows his PA, can in the event of a defect also hand himself and repair it.