Tokyo HY-POWER HL-355VKX VHF 300 Watts Linear Amplifier.

Four pcs. of high gain RF FETs, RD70HVF1, by Mitsubishi Electric are used at final stage in the parallel push-pull amp.form. Due to its high gain HL-355Vkx accepts wide range of drive power from 1W to 50W, achieving 25W to 320W of output power.

This is a completely solid-state amplifier capable of handling all transmission modes. There is a built-in super low noise GaAs FET RX pre-amp that helps operator receive weak DX signals.

?Latest LDMOS FET:
?Adoption of Multi-Protections:

It incorporates four kinds of protection circuits developed by our own advanced technologies. This sophisticated protection gives you a warning (shut-down) before getting into any trouble.

?LED Output Level Meter:

LED bar graph on the front panel indicates an approximate output power to monitor transmission status.

?Low-Noise RX Pre-Amp:

It incorporates a low-noise RX pre-amp utilizing a performance-proven GaAs FET.

?Auxiliary Remote Controlling Function:

A jack for the connection with a remote controller (optional HRC-60) is provided on the rear panel. Remote controlling of the power supply, the RX pre-amp and so forth can be controlled in the remote location.

?Large Aluminum Heat Sink:

Large heat sink of our original extrusion design effectively radiates the heat generated at the final FET transistors.


  • Frequency Range 144 – 148MHz amateur band
  • Mode FM / SSB / CW
  • DC Power DC 13.8V 40A max. (at 250W output)
  • RF Drive Power 35 – 40W typical (1 – 50W)
  • Output Power 300W nominal
  • RX Pre-Amp. Gain + 17dB
  • Final Transistor RD70HVF1 x 4
  • In / Out Connectors Type N
  • Others 1. RF Output Meter / LED

Low-Noise GaAs FET RX Pre-Amp
Warning Protection Circuit (protections for over-voltage,
ANT mis-match, and over-temperature)
Reverse DC Power Polarity Protection

Dimensions (W) x (H) x (D) Approx. 220 x 86 x 356 mm
Approx. 8.7 x 3.4 x 14.0 inches
Weight Approx. 5.4 kgs./ 12.3 lbs


External remote controller ?HRC-60


Price: TBD