Pia Wurster from class 8 recently acquired her amateur radio license. She is the youngest radio amateur in Germany who, at the age of 12, directly acquired the highest amateur radio license class. Your worldwide unique call sign: DL7PIA. Operator of DB0YOTA (2020).

Date: December 30, 2020
Time: 12:20 GMT
Freq: 7163 KHz
Mode: SSB
QTH: Hamburg, Germany.
Callsign: DB0YOTA.

There are high hurdles for admission to the amateur radio service. In order to receive a corresponding radio license, the passing of an extensive examination of several hours at the Federal Network Agency  is a prerequisite. For this, Pia had to prove extensive knowledge in various specialist disciplines (including electrical engineering and law). With such a license in her pocket, she was able to start the race for the Schickhardt Gymnasium on Europe Day without any further supervision.

With a self-made antenna, Pia made the Schickhardt Gymnasium known throughout Europe. In total, she made contacts in 28 different countries: from Great Britain to Andorra to Greece and from Northern Finland to Sicily… In her 13 years old Pia speaks fluently in Italian, French, English, Spanish languages.

Fabian, DC1SAF