High quality high power device for switching up to 8 antennas to single radio.
May be installed outdoor (e.g. tower, mast) or inside the shack.

Advantages of RK-216/RK-218 antenna switches over analogues on the market:
1. Die-cast aluminum housing guarantees good shielding, moisture-proof and excellent corrosion resistance. Installing the switching unit anywhere outdoors (with the connectors down), you can be sure that the switch is protected from precipitation. Over time, the switch body will not rust, which means the connector contacts will not be damaged, which is very important when working with high power.

2. Special topology of the circuit board, large foil thickness (75 microns), double-sided arrangement of current-carrying tracks and their shortest possible length prevent the board from heating up at high RF currents.

3. Each device has an individual setting for reactivity compensation, which is brought in by the intercontact capacitance of 8 relays and the mounting capacitance. After this procedure, even at a frequency of 144 MHz, the switch has SWR = 1.3. Without reactivity compensation, already at frequencies of 21-28 MHz the switch would have an SWR (instead of 1.05) of more than 1.2.

Technical data:

  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Frequency range: 1…60 MHz
  • Relay voltage: +24V
  • Current consumption: max. 45 mA
  • Dimensions: 180х120х60 мм
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Temperature range: -35…+70 °C

Rated power:
3000 W CW / SWR<1.5 @ 30 MHz
2500 W CW / SWR<2 @ 30 MHz
1500 W CW / SWR<3 @ 30 MHz
1500 W CW / SWR<2 @ 60 MHz

Price: 90,00 €